Lindsay Lohan’s revealing pics

Posted by Loki on Friday Jan 15, 2010 Under Celeb Fakes, Nude And Famous, Real Celeb Nudes

A revealing collection of Lindsay Lohan photos

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WWE’s Trish Stratus showing off

Posted by Loki on Thursday Jan 14, 2010 Under Celeb Fakes, Nude And Famous

WWE’s Trish Stratus displays her hot naked body and does some erotic poses

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Cutie babe Zooey Deschanel

Posted by Loki on Monday Jan 11, 2010 Under Celeb Fakes

Cutie babe Zooey Deschanel flaunts her tits and pussy and poses naked

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August’s Top 10 Famous Fakes

Posted by Loki on Sunday Aug 31, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes, Nude And Famous

On this the last day of August I figured I’d end the month with a big post, So without further ado allow me to share with you the “Nude And Famous Top 10 Famous Fakes of August.”

I’m going to be offline for the rest of this holiday weekend, so look for more updates Tuesday Sept. 2nd.

So while I’m away, everyone have fun, and remember, just because a celeb has not gotten nude yet, doesn’t mean you can’t still see them nude!

#10 Scarlett Johansson

#9 Lindsay Lohan

#8 Kirsten Dunst

#7 Hayden Panettiere

#6 Natalie Portman

#5 Hilary Duff

#4 Eva Longoria

#3 Tara Lipinski

#2 Britney Spears
And the Number 1 Celeb Fake Nude For August 2008

Cameron Diaz

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Natalie Portman Please Bare The Queen

Posted by Loki on Saturday Aug 30, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Natalie Portman Please “Bare” The Queen

Ahh if only all queens were this fucking hot
I feel there would never be any more war lol

Anyway enough of my rambles, you all know
who Natalie Portman is, she played the role of
Queen Amidala in the last three Star Wars Movies
err, the first three… ok, the most recent three movies.

Click The Photos To See More!

She heated up the screen with the soon to be “Darth Vader”

But sadly her clothing (all be it was indeed sexy) never came off.

So, fans of this queen from far far away were left to stroke
their sabers to their imagination of what was under her royal clothing.

BUT NO LONGER! Now you can see Natalie Portman Like you’ve never seen her before!

Fucking and sucking for all the world to see! Spead eagle waiting for a huge “saber” to enter her pink pussy

Are they Fake Photos? Who gives a shit! I’d rather have these fake photos then nothing at all.

And now so can you!

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Rachel Bilson Hotter Then Summertime.

Posted by Loki on Friday Aug 29, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Rachel Bilson Is Hotter Then Summertime.
And that’s not just a play on her charector’s name Summer
from the hit show The O.C. Rachel Bilson Is hotter then the sun!

This is one Famous Celeb I’d give just about anything to see her “Bare It All” but alas it looks like that day will not come… or will it?

Rachel Bilson Grew up in California, and hit the small screen in 2003 Every role she took she raised more then just ratings if you know what I mean!

Click The Photos To See More!

In 2008 She Played the girlfriend “Millie” in the sci-fi action hit Jumper

We saw a somewhat killer love scene but again no good T&A, and why is this?

Well why exactly is it that this smoking hott babe has not just submitted and bared it all for all her loyal and horney fans?

“she feels that her body “is sacred” and “not there for the whole world to see”

Well then, I guess it’s a lifesaver that we have programs like Photoshop!

Cause thanks to programs like that we don’t need to wait for Rachel to loosen her morals along with her bra straps, we got some great nudes right now!

Fake? You Bet, but hey, it’s your choice, keep it “pure” and wait for her to come to her sences OR… stop waiting and see how hot she could look bare ass naked right now!

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Charlize Theron is no monster!

Posted by Loki on Thursday Aug 28, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Charlize Theron is no monster! And thats a fuckin fact!
I was actually never introduced to her UNTIL her 2003 movie “Monster”
and I thought WOW what an ugly bitch, but then I went back and saw her
other movies and my mind QUICKLY changed.

Her preformance in The Devil’s Advocate Alone had my dick standing
tall and proud like a stone statue, and I wanted nothing more then to
have access to photos of her spread eagle and fucking!

Click The Photos To See More!

Sure she gave us some great scenes in various movies over the last years
The Cider House Rules, Reindeer Games and Aeon Flux just to name a few
But I just wanted and needed more!

Now I get my wish! and so can you, check out these great ‘chops’ of Charlize Theron
Nude, sucking, fucking, masterbating and even more!

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Jessica Simpson Sucks Um Silly!

Posted by Loki on Wednesday Aug 27, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Jessica Simpson Sucks Um Silly! That’s what I always figured anyway.
I had always known from experience that “Not So Smart Chicks”
were the best in bed, and god bless them, the world needs more dumb chicks.

I’ve also figured the reason they love cock so much has to do with the men
in their lives, only way to shut a babbeling bitch up is to shove a cock in
their mouth and after awhile no matter what they say just doesn’t seem to matter, right

Click The Photos To See More!

At any rate, Jessica has played the Wholesome, Kind of slow, bombshell for
so long now but has never just gotten to the point, and that’s just plain SAD!

But worry no more, you don’t have to wait till she learns a way to make even more
money by baring her blonde ASSets, Want to see her doing things you only could imagine?

Then simply check out these fake photos and stop imagining what Jessica Simpson
might look if her clothing dropped like her IQ.

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Alicia Witt has killer tits!

Posted by Loki on Tuesday Aug 26, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Alicia Witt has killer tits! not to mention I’m a sucker for redheads!
Everyone knows who Alicia Witt is, even if they don’t know they do.

Her first movie was Dune but she was only 8 at the time, 10 years later she
showed us her goods in the movie 4 Rooms (during the wiccan coven scene)

Now 10 years later (and many movies later)
she looks even better! but the skin she has shown has just not been enough to satisfy me, and I’m betting the same for you!

Click The Photos To See More!

Alicia, why have you not shown more of your amazing body to all of us horny
and eager fans? BUT Just because Alicia Witt has not given us what we all want

that doesn’t mean we don’t still get to see it! Check out these great ‘chops’ of Alicia
to tide you over till she cums to her sences.

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Pink The Killer Cock Rocker!

Posted by Loki on Monday Aug 25, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

“Pink, The Killer Cock Rocker” That’s what my buddy has dubbed the Pop Rocker Alecia Beth Moore AKA “Pink”

And for damn good reason! Her voice, her music, and her pressence on stage have men all around the world “Standing up at attention”

Her clothing on stage no matter if too much, or “Not enough” has always been sexy, but I and alot of others have always wanted to see her as she was made, wearing not a stitch of clothing and riding or sucking a cock.

Click The Photos To See More!

However, Pink’s Musical career has gone strong all these years and she has
not found the need to ‘flash for cash’ so us loyal and horney fans have nothing decent to whack to… but not anymore!

Thanks to the magic of editing, you can now see what it might Pink might look like nude sucking and fucking, masterbating and more!

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